Rust around the drains or overflows?

If you have peeling, worn or chipped bathtub bottoms this is the solution.  Our Premier Bottom Coating (PBC) is our flag ship bathtub service. PBC has been crafted and perfected to provide the highest quality, most stain resistant and strongest coating available to the hospitality industry.

All National Hospitality Service Providers’ services are applied utilizing our standard work models to maximize efficiency and productivity. Each PBC starts with properly and professionally preparing each unit, including pretreating and repairing chips and damaged areas. Continuing to follow our standard work model we apply an adequate slip resistant surface in each bathtub, utilizing a custom-made template to fit the make and model of the bathtubs on site. Followed by a HVLP multi top coat application that blends the edges of your newly applied slip resistant surface (SRS) into the side walls of each bathtub, including the drain where many of the issues are found.

Our Premier Bottom Coatings are the ideal service for hotels that are needing to improve the appearance and safety of their bathtubs that meet all brand standards. No visible aftermarket coatings or mats necessary.




  • Custom Color Matched
  • Dramatic Anti-Slip Improvement
  • Improve Tub Bottom Appearance
  • Lasts 4-6 Years With Proper Care
  • Next Morning Shower Ready
  • Complete 25-50 Units Daily



Your next morning solution is waiting.