Need help maintaining your tubs?

Why would you service your bathtubs? Why do you shampoo your carpets?

Because PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE is crucial to preserving the asset!

Hotel bathtubs are used daily enduring an excess of random oils and soaps. They are typically cleaned with a powerful “pink” disinfectant and a degreaser, rinsed using the faucet, and then dried with a rag or sponge. The basic SOP for cleaning tubs across the board.  

How does this play out over time?    

Regardless when you clean, refinish or replace your bathtubs, over time an inevitable and consistent event occurs. Not all the oils make it down the drain. Residual oils in the bathtubs are disinfected but still reside. Housekeeping teams usually rinse bathtubs by simply turning on the tub’s faucet. This style of rinsing backwashes invisible residual oils toward the back of the tub and rests on the surface. Lastly, tubs are dried with a rag or sponge that compresses the oils into the surface pores of the bathtubs.

This is not a major issue in the short term, however, day after day and month after month this build-up will settle into the factory installed etch patterns causing polymerization over time. You will notice the etch patterns start to become discolored (light grey than darker and darker). Once the etch patterns are filled with oil and dirt your bathtubs have lost the full benefit of their slip-resistant properties creating an environment where a guest could encounter a slip-n-fall.

Therefore, we highly recommend utilizing our company’s experience and intimate understanding of hotel bathtubs. Allow us to maintain your bathtubs and their original surfaces so you can avoid getting to a point where you experience a safety concern or an appearance issue to the point you think you need to completely refinish your hotel’s bathtubs.

In our experience, the average time a hotel would maximize the benefit of having their bathtubs professionally serviced is between 8-14 months. This depends mainly on the daily cleaning SOP. Each preventative maintenance visit from NHSP allows our technicians the opportunity to detail each bathtub, touch up any new chips, fix any coating imperfections that may have occurred, and refurbish any potential areas before they become a larger issue warranting a guest complaint (hit your GSS or Q&A) or become a safety issue.



  • Peace of mind from guest complaints due to safety and/or appearance
  •  Peace of mind from future Q&A inspections
  • Ongoing safety reports documenting COF
  •  Extends our warranty period with each visit


Your asset protection solution is waiting.