Does your entire tub need to be refinished?

Are your bathtubs “peeling” around the sidewalls, ledge or skirt?

Our Complete Bathtub Coating Process is the cover all to any bathtub issue. This process has been crafted and perfected to provide the highest quality, most stain resistant and strongest coating available to the hospitality industry.

All NHSP services are applied utilizing our standard work models to maximize efficiencies and productivity. The process includes every necessary step to properly prepare, protect and refinish any bathtub. Although we can easily assemble, schedule and execute complete bathtub coating projects, we encourage our customers to completely refinish their bathtubs if they have not been refinished in the past.

Most bathtubs can be properly restored and maintained. The less “coating” applied in a bathtub, the less there is to maintain and redo in the future. Once a bathtub has been completely refinished/coated you have committed that tub to a life time of being stripped and completely refinished each time they need to be addressed (typically every 5-8 years in a hotel environment if the coating was done properly the first time).



  • Includes R & R Caulking (sidewalls, back wall, skirt and floor)
  • Dramatic Anti-Slip Improvement
  • Guest Ready Next Day
  • Entire Bathtub Improvement (drain and overflow)
  • Incorporates Drains
  • Complete 8-15+ Units Daily



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